Mini ECO

Washing and cleaning systems

Mini ECO

  • CLEANING SYSTEM, designed to the extraction of soil previous to the separation, FREE OF DUST.
  • SEPARATION of leaves and stems through AIRFLOW to avoid dust allowing eject the leaves from the working área to the outside.
  • WASHING for the solid elements separation (stones, screws etc.) by means of flotation in a forced current by closed water circuit and the extraction of solids through an auger, WITHOUT BREAKING OLIVES.
  • BY-PASS to wash or not to wash ———————————- POST – WASH with a clean water spray zone and drained.
  • INCORPORATED DESTEMMING SYSTEM to remove sticks and other foreign objects which come with the fruit.
  • CONTINUOUS WEIGHING equipped with 3 load cells.
  • EASY and full ACCESSIBILITY to all their components.
  • Designed with a COMPACT SHAPE with MINI DIMENSSIONS and máximum EFFICIENCY (up to 6.000 kg/hour)

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