Refurbished and second-hand material

At CALERO GROUP we have reaconditioned material and Second-hand Material. The Second-hand Material is from other manufacturers and It is usually subjected to a basic inspection. The Reaconditioned Material is a product from our Brand CALERO, withdrawn from factories where machinery is renewed, our technicians subject these products to an exhaustive inspection before being placed on sale again and the defective components are replaced by new pieces or standard spare parts



12 May, 2016

Cintas transportadoras

  Disponemos de cintas transportadoras de OCASIÓN en muy buen estado. 1 Cinta 15/600 blanca alimentaria 1 Cinta 15/600 blanca alimentaria 1 Cinta 6/600  blanca alimentaria 1 […]
12 May, 2016

Pesadoras BPC 6000

Disponemos de dos pesadoras BPC 6000 de OCASIÓN de 250Kg  con partes rozantes en inox.
12 May, 2016

Líneas de limpieza y lavado OCASIÓN

  Disponemos de dos líneas de limpieza y lavado de OCASIÓN modelo COM 50 con partes rozantes en inoxidable

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